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How well do you know your body? 

Many of us have the perception that yoga training is all about strength, flexibility or form. But yoga isn’t just about the physical aspect, it also emphasizes on the mind, body and soul.  As you step foot on the mat, you’ll be surprised at how little did you know about your own body.  Here at “all about YOGA” yoga studio, you’ll embark on a yoga training journey to rediscover yourself.

"all about YOGA" offers diverse courses that best suits you along with our qualified instructors to assist you in finding your hidden potentials. Our daily habits could influence the imbalance of our bodies. However, through guided training, we can correct ourselves both physically and mentally. Take a deep breathe to free your mind and soul from all the anxieties and toxins surrounded you. Relax and let your body and soul reconnect with yoga, and reinvent a new you! 

Yoga is a journey of self-discovery of body, mind and soul. Start yours today with us. Namaste!

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